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Building Block: Color Where You Don't Expect It
This was the result of a one-day workshop I took part in during college on the topic of installation art. I guess my personal goal was to meld my interest in materials with the landscape I was surrounded by. Although the construction phase only took a few hours, I spent the greater part of a day moving blocks around until I was happy with their composition.

In total I think I constructed four blocks but in the end I only ended up installing three in the comforting arms of the various shrubs and trees in the area.

Each block was constructed from 3/4" plywood. They were sanded down until they were very smooth and then filled and bonded to a very smooth sheen. Paint was applied in several thin layers and then given time to dry before installation the next day.

FYI, that is basically a swamp you're looking at. There is a reason no one minded my activity here.