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Top 10 Must Haves
1. iChat Video
I mean, I'm sure it is possible to live without it, but what's the point? All those little green lights keep me going strong – and when I feel like quitting I keep going because I know I'm being watched...

2. Wacom Tablet
This goes without saying but I'll say it anyway - Once you get used to these bad boys, you'll never go back.

3. Color Index
By Jim Krause. In the spirit of full disclosure I must say I don't use this very often. However,when I do use it, it is the saviour of the day - time and again.

4. TASCAM US-428
My old audio workhorse still does its job with panache and good looks. This blue beauty may be almost six years old, discontinued, and in need of a few replacement parts, but it still gets my vote for best digital audio interface in years.

5. Polaroid Cameras
No technology in the world will ever top the feel-good factor per click of your basic Second-hand Polaroid camera. I've owned many cameras, but I'm sure I'll never totally get over my first love.

6. BBEdit
In case I haven't given enough shout-outs to this program already - let me be very clear. I would never be able to maintain my high level of accuracy and speed without this program. Stylus - right hand, BBEdit - left. Without 'em... I'd quit.

7. Freehand
Somewhere in the margin (use FH instead of AI) of the margin (use Mac instead of PC) is the place I like to call home. Making multiple page PDF's, perfect FLA's, and substituting colors all take next to no time. Give it a try some time.

8. Technics SL-1200
That's right, for playing vinyl. These two beauties have served me well for over ten years, on two continents, in 5 countries and they work better now than ever.

9. MacBook Pro 17"
This is a classic case of good product - bad-name. And it gets used so much I almost hesitate to list it. But since neither I nor you could survive without it, it has to be respected.

10. Moleskin Sketchbook
Check out the large sketch books. I've taken these on every foreign trip for at least the past 10 years. From sketching and journaling, to propping up a camera and acting as a sanitary alternative to questionable plates, pick one up and thank me later.

Where do you come up with all your ideas?
Good question. The answer is a lot less exciting than you may think. Some people like to quote some inspirational design magazines in answer to this question. Others take the easy approach and just thank their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and blame their randomness on God-given ability. I prefer to tell the truth. I am in daily contact with extra-terestrial beings who burn creative ideas into my head through a special helmet. I charge clients a small fee for the privilege of contacting these beings. Think of me as the middle-man.

Do you use Dreamweaver and stuff?
No. Dreamweaver is for babies. True graphic design action-heros use nothing more than BBEdit and the occasional sprinkling of phpMyAdmin to jazz things up.

Are you self taught or art school educated?
Yes. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, but I practiced web design for years before I went to school. The best advice I ever received from an established graphic designer was this: work harder, sleep less, and be more professional than the best designers in the world and then you'll be good.

Are you married?
Yes. To a hot blonde chick named Megan who also happens to work for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. She will soon be taking it over... The world that is. I do the shopping.

What are you favorite hobbies?
I enjoy photography, snobby food like truffles and expensive wine, camping, reading great books, sailing, and smoking cigars.

What would you say is the best band ever?
The Allman Brothers Band... Or possibly the Beach Boys. Although, I suppose you could make a good case for Elvis. In the final analysis it's going to depend on what CD is in my player at that moment - then we'd just have to fight about it for a while until we had traced everything back to Bing Crosby... which would be weird so let's not.

What is in your CD player right now?
A mix CD from iTunes of course.

What is playing in your iTunes right now?
Sufjan Stephens, Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei, and a little Nanci Griffith.

Socrates or Leonidas?
You mean the world's best-known Athenian philosopher vs. the world's best known Spartan king? In a fight to the death? Using nothing but their bare hands?

Socrates. Brain over brawn every time.

Analog or Digital?
You mean, do I prefer the immediate gratification of digitally processed sound waves hitting my ears after being downloaded on command or the laborious process of procurring, cleaning, and then playing vinyl records through equipment that costs thousands of dollars to obtain and hundreds more per year to maintain?

Vinyl of course. Real waves trump imitation waves everytime. This also holds true for real surfing versus virtual surfing.