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Semiotics In Action: Tijuana
Continuing on the theme I set out with in with the Vegas project, I took a series of photos in T.J. and then assembled them into different compositions of a random street in Mexico.

Although this project was similar to my last one, the environment provoked an entirely different set of questions/problems than my first project.

For example, Las Vegas is so aesthetically 'other' that I didn't really need to think about what the 'architecture of Vegas' was aiming to do... It's just Vegas you know?

Tijuana, on the other hand, didn't let me off so easily. Take the faux-old street lamps for example. Are we to believe that Tijuana has residual European infrastructure occupying 'old neighborhoods' ? And if not, what are the city planners trying to say with the lamps?

[Note to city planners: In case it's important, I'm not getting it.]

In the end, I walk away with the Big Thought that I am probably making signs and statements every day that I am not aware of. Just like the city planners who try to make Tijuana look like the Romans once lived here (see random crumbling Roman aquaduct structure in background) I'm probably guilty as charged in other areas.

Does my large collection of Texas Country function as a semiotic statement? The philosophy book on my coffee table – that I haven't read – yet...?! My cupboard crammed full of bizarre but dusty gourmet teas!?!

I don't know where to stop! But since this idea is probably deeper than this post will allow, that's all for now.