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Cell Phone Gesture Drawing
A couple friends and I were waiting for the lights to show up for a shoot and the topic of gesture drawings came up. For the next hour we practiced "gesture drawing" with only the light from our cell phones.

It is amazingly easy to become seduced by the blurry, bright images that are produced when you suck at low-light photography (come on you've all done it before). And I am no exception. The only difference between this time and all the other times I'm become entranced by my own crap photography is the way that we were able to practice for at least an hour until we came up with some vaguely human looking figures.

A big question in my mind – which has haunted me since my old professor Murray McMillan got me continually asking this about everything – is, does this image work better sideways? Upside down? Reversed? I don't know.

To me this guy looks like an old bow-legged cowboy. I shot him while laying on my back – with a D70. These are the colors just like they came out of the camera.