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While I was out shooting a little while ago, I noticed this particularly geometric fern and shot some photos of it, then moved on. However, when I checked out my shots later, this image of six fern leaves really jumped out at me.

Todd Perguson once told a story about how he was working hard one day and then stepped outside to take a break. As he was walking around the block he noticed a flower that had fallen on the sidealk and he was crushed to realize that the design genius in that one flower was so great he could work his whole life and never make something so perfect.

That's how I felt when I saw this cluster of six fern leaves(branches?) except I don't work as hard as Todd.

The photo was processd in Photoshop very simply and then overlaid on other images to show how the simple repeating elements of the fern dominate anything in its space - manmade or otherwise.