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Mr. Meyer I presume...
The same. And thanks for asking. Squaremethod Design is a marketing/design studio founded in 1997 by Christof Meyer. Additionally (and this is really key) this is the place where Christof tests out his latest/greatest crazy ideas. How did Christof get into design? Well, it all started in Europe – in the beautiful town of Gent, Belgium. Although Christof was raised in New Mexico, his Dutch heritage led him to relocate to Europe and in 1997 he moved to Belgium and began doing simple book layout and web design.

Christof loved the beautiful, fragrant soil of his ancestral home but he loved a certain beautiful, fragrant girl in America much more. So in 2002 he moved back to America – this time to California – and began his University education. Christof graduated in 2006 with a BFA in design and an honors certificate in classics. After designing his way through Europe, and college, he is now designing his way through married life as a freelance designer and marketing consultant.

The work on this site covers many different mediums because Christof believes that, fundamentally, good design is simply creative problem-solving – and there are always more than one solution to any given problem.

Squaremethod allocates as many team-members as necessary to solve whatever problem comes our way. However, we generally work with a small, talented group of designers that are comfortable with each other and can function under the ridiculous time constraints endemic to this industry.

Christof considers himself a photographer, illustrator, poet, and programmer… But mostly he just designs websites. Currently we are not soliciting offers for new work, but if you would still like to discuss a future project you can contact us here and we would be happy to talk with you.